More Women in the NFL

By on October 26, 2016
women in the NFL

You know what  makes me sick?  You know what makes me so mad I just wanna go to a Pittsburgh Steelers reunion… and insult Jack Lambert’s mama?

What the hell has happened to football?  Remember back when it was a manly man’s game… played by manly men.  I mean, back when the only time you took a knee — was when your team was ahead with 20-seconds to go.  Or – if you accidentally took a whip kick to the groin.

Get this – I have just seen where the NFL says they are addressing their gender inequality issues – by looking for more women to be in the game.  They have hired a woman to be head of league development.  And she’s gonna look for qualified women – for jobs like referees… trainers… coaches and scouts.  Because they want to hire more women in the NFL.

We already got women in the NFL.  They’re called cheerleaders… and sideline reporters.  Now – leave us alone.  Lemme ask you a question –  you watch football, right?   Who do you see on the TV more – your Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders… or your Dallas Cowboy trainers.  Well – I mean when Tony Romo ain’t being carted off the field – again.

Fact is – I think the most influential woman in the NFL right now – is Clay Mathews’ mama in her Chunky Soup cave.  And for at least 50% of America – that’s fine.

You know what I’d like to see?   A man or two hosting on ‘The View’.   That show could use at least one host whose voice don’t grate on your nerves like fingernails on a blackboard.   You know what else we need?  A couple of guys running for Miss America.

Oh, wait a minute.  No we don’t.  On account of – we don’t care.  You got women stuff – we let it be women stuff.  I do not personally need to see a man doing the Tena Twist on a commercial.   That’s lady territory – and us men are fine with that.

Wake up, America!!  I wouldn’t be looking at the NFL, ladies.  You’re only in for disappointment and heartache.  Remember – we gave you a lady NASCAR driver.  And how did that work out?  I’m Earl Pitts, American – and Pitts Off.

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