Why is a serious nut-job like Kim Jung-Un running a country?

By on May 8, 2014
Kim Jun-Un

You know what makes me sick?  You know what makes me so mad I just wanna crack my knuckles – with vise-grips??

This is what’s makin’ me crazy today.  Do any of y’all watch them news channels?  CNN… Fox News… MSNBC?   Has anybody noticed… Kim Jung-Un is a serious nut-job?

This guy is the dude in charge of North Korea… and not only is he not playin’ with a full deck… I don’t think he even has a deck.  Like he rounded up half of his own family… and fed them alive to starving dogs.   I heard this crazy Asian executed his minister of security… with a flame thrower!!

I mean – if this twisted squirrel was a regular citizen of a regular country… they’d a chased this whack-job down with a giant butterfly net a long time ago.  But he gets to run a country… and we’re trying to negotiate with him!!  Yeah – good luck with that!

I mean – this guy is a demented, psycho looney-tune.  He makes Gary Busey seem sane!!  And that’s hard to do.

Maybe this question hasn’t come up.  But this guy feeds his family to the dogs.   He flame-throws members of his government… and he kills millions of people a year in his own country.  Why are we letting him run a country?

People go… ‘Well North Korea is a independent state.  We can’t interfere with another country’s internal issues.’  Okay – he’s… killing… people… with… flame-throwers, man!!

Isn’t  there some kind of test people should take to see if they’re stable enough to run a country?    There should be.   Come to think of it – we could give that test to some of the idiots runnin’ this country.

Wake up, America!   Fifty years from now – people are gonna look at this evil bozo and say… ‘what the hell was he doin’.   And then they’re gonna look at the rest of the world and go… ‘What the hell were they thinkin’.    We’re all gonna look bad.   I’m Earl Pitts… and Pitts Off.

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