Why aren’t there more women in politics?

By on October 17, 2014
Women in Politics

You know what makes me sick?  You know what makes me so mad I just wanna bonk Joe Boehner and Harry Reid’s heads together… like they were the lesser two of the Three Stooges.

Why aren’t more Women in Politics

I was listening to politician commercials yesterday and I thought of something.  How come there aren’t more women in politics?  I know that’s a little weird coming from me.  On account of – running the world seems to be man-business. women in politics

But I ain’t talking about running the world.  I’m talking about running for office.  That is a job fit for a woman.

For example – you can spend up to a year trying to convince people you’re right.  Now – I don’t want to sound sexist… but who in your house does that? women in politics

If your opponent does something stupid – you will remember it… and bring it up every chance you get.  Sometimes for years.  Once again – I ain’t gonna say nothing – but draw your own conclusions. women in politics

You like to hold babies… check.  You like to make small-talk with strangers… check.  You enjoy a debate with your opponent… which is basically talking each other to death. Check.  When somebody calls you up and complains about something… you have to actually pretend that you care.  Wow.  All these seem to be in what you call – your female wheel-house. women in politics

You spend a lot of time pointing out your opponent’s short-comings… check.  Once you get in office… you can hold a grudge from now until the cows come home. Double-check.   And most people seem to think sometimes you talk… just because you like the sound of your own voice…  That – ladies and gentlemen is triple-check… and checkmate!!

Come to think of it.. I don’t even know why guys are interested in the job. women in politics

Wake up, America!  I don’t know if Hillary Clinton will be the next President.  But I’ll tell you this – she’s got the right chromosomes.  She’s born to politics.  I’m Earl Pitts, American.  Check out my new YouTube channel  – Earl Pitts – by Earl Pitts.  And Pitts Off.

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