When was the last time you actually fixed something?

By on April 12, 2014

You know what makes me sick?  You know what makes me so mad I just wanna chew the fingernails… off a diseased tiger?

I think I figured out what’s wrong with America.   Okay – ONE of the things wrong with America… it’s actually a pretty long list.  But this is a big one in my book.    Nobody fixes nothing no more.

When’s the last time you fixed anything at your house?   We don’t fix it no more… we throw it away… an’ get a new one.  We have become a disposal society.

We was down at the Duck Inn last night… and I go… “I remember when I was a kid… my Daddy would pop the back off the TV… pull a buncha tubes outta there… and take me to the drug store.  They had a machine in there where you’d check your tubes… buy you some new ones… go home…put them new tubes in the TV… an’ you’d get a picture again.  Let me ask you… when’s the last time you popped the back off a TV an’ monkeyed around with the guts?   Probably never – that’s when.

Pete the bartender goes… back when he was a kid… he’d wear holes in his socks.  His grandma would visit… she’d take a glass out of the kitchen and some darning thread… and she’d darn them socks.  When’s the last time your old lady ever darned a sock?   Probably never –that’s when.

Dub Meeker’s listening… an’ he goes when he was a little kid… he used to run through shoes twice a year… mostly because he was fat and put a pretty good size load on them puppies.  But his mama wouldn’t throw them shoes away.  No sir. She’d take them to the cobbler and have new soles put on them.   He says – when’s the last time you have your shoes fixed so you could keep on wearing them?  Probably never – that’s when.

Ladies an’ gentlemen… I submit to you we have become soft and squishy and useless people.  We can’t fix nothing… we can’t do nothing for ourselves … except go out and buy more garbage.   Hell – every time I crawl under my old lady’s car to work on it… the neighbors look at me like I should be in Colonial Williamsburg doing that for the tourists…

It is a sad pathetic country we live in…

Wake up, America.  It ain’t about stuff being cheap… and us being busy.  It’s really about us being lazy.  Let’s admit it.   And let’s all go home tonight… and pop the back off the TV.   I’m Earl Pitts, American-  Pitts Off.

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