How About We Protest the Talking Heads on TV

By on September 14, 2018
talking heads on tv

You know what makes me sick? You know what makes me so mad I just wanna drive up to where a bunch a snowflake, butthurt millennials are stopping traffic – on a steam-roller.

Yeah – today I want to talk about protesting. Only I am not here to protest. Being a regular, hard-working, flag-waving American… I’m not even here to protest the protesters. I am here to protest… the cock-eyed, clueless talking heads on TV… making excuses for the protesters!!

Lemme ask you – every time you hear them talking heads on TV, talking about protesters – what is the first thing you hear? About how protesting is a cherished right of all Americans. How we support their right to voice their dissent.

Well – to throw a monkey-wrench in the discussion – not all of us – Mr. & Miss Talking Heads on TV

Uh huh. As a regular, God-fearing American – here’s a news-flash for y’all. I was watching the brain-dead nut-jobs talking heads on TV the other day… and it dawned on me – I have never protested nothing. Nothing. Not once. I mean – there was that one time – when they closed the Twinkie plant I thought about it. But I didn’t.

talking heads on tvAnd the lack of my street-side participation ain’t been on account of everything has seemed all hunky-dory with me all my life. No sir. It is because I always felt America was bigger and more important than my hurt feelings and emotion well-being. Yeah – I always been country first – how dumb am I?

I come from a generation when things didn’t go our way… we didn’t break down, suck our thumbs and run to a safe place. No sir. We pulled on our big boy pants, cowboy’ed up… and took it like Americans. We shut up – and waited. So put a safety pin in that!!

Wake up, America! You know – Bob Marley once sang, ‘Get up. Stand up. Don’t give up the fight.’ But I’m reminded Elsa from Frozen also sang… ‘Let it go. Let it go.’  Let’s move on. I’m Earl Pitts, American. Subscribe to my Radio Bits

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