So What… Burger King is moving to Canada

By on September 5, 2014
Burger King buys Tim Hortons

You know what makes me sick?  You know what makes me so mad I just wanna nail Ronald McDonald’s giant stupid feet to the floor… so we got at least one creepy hamburger spokes-freak left in America?

Yeah – I guess y’all seen by now… where Burger King bought themselves a donut company from Canada… and they’re planning to move the company up to Canada.  People say – this is to avoid American taxes.   And this has got a lot of people upset… a Senator from Ohio is even saying Americans should boycott Burger King.

Burger King isn’t moving to avoid taxes

Okay – first off, you back-slapping, brain-dead nit-wit… I can’t imagine that many Americans are going to drive up to Canada to buy a hamburger.  And I say that as a fan of the Whopper.  But I like a Big Mac, too…

And number two… I don’t think this has anything to do with escaping American corporate taxes.  I don’t think this is some kind of cynical move to screw Uncle Sam out of money we need to run the government. I think it’s all about pairing up your burgers and your donuts. Burger King

I must of seen twenty times in the last five years where they got a state fair or something somewhere… and somebody was selling a donut-burger.  Oh yeah – glaze-donut double cheese-burger.  Man – that’ll prick up the ears of any real American.  But as they say – it’s only for a limited time.  Which is bull.

Now – imagine if you were to do that 24/7… instead of just at the fair. What would you need? Cutting edge donut technology…  and flame-broiled Whopper technology.   And if you can bring that to the world… I say you get a tax break anyway.   Just as the population of the earth’s way of saying – thank you. Burger King

You mark my words… inside of two years… McDonald’s is gonna snap up Dunkin’ Donuts.

Wake up, America.  Now before you start thinking I’m nuts….close your eyes for a second.  Now imagine this… the Donut McRib.   I think you understand my vision now.   I’m Earl Pitts, American.  Buy my new book Wake Up America!!!  And Pitts Off.

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