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Man Rules: Volume 1 | Earl Pitts American


Earl Pitts, American has been entertaining hundreds of thousands of radio listeners across the country since 1985. The ‘hard-working, flag-waving, regular American’ character was created by Radio Hall of Famer Gary Burbank as a daily two-minute comedy commentary.

Each commentary opens with Earl’s familiar trumpet call to listen and the question,’You know what makes me sick?’ Then, after a thought-provoking – and hilarious twist on a current topic in the news – the commentary ends with Earl’s signature plea to ‘Wake up, America!’ Topics include stories from the headlines of the day, the travails of a ‘regular, hard-working American’ in a modern world and general ‘guy stuff’.

Earl Pitts American is heard daily in big cities and small towns across the country, including Cincinnati, OH, Tampa, FL, Norfolk, VA, Ft. Worth, TX, Birmingham, AL and more. Earl is syndicated on radio by Wake Up Radio, Inc. And Earl’s unique perspective on life has found a new life on social media.


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