Paying it Backwards at McDonalds

By on May 13, 2015

You know what makes me sick?  You know what makes me so mad I just wanna play jump-rope… with a deadly cobra?

Let me tell you something that happened to me last night – that restored my faith in America.  Something that reminded me this is the greatest country in the history or the universe… filled with the greatest people on the planet.

All that – and it happened at the McDonald’s.

See we was driving through the pick-up window to get supper.  You know how you keep hearing about how Mac-Donald’s sales are down… and the company is suffering.  Let me tell you something – it ain’t the Pitts’ fault.

Anyway – we roll up to the pay window… and the woman says.. ‘Did you get the two Big Mac meals… two large chocolate shakes… and two apple pies?’   I says, ‘Yes, ma’am.”   And she goes… ‘That’s paid for.’  And I go, ‘Come again??’  She says ‘That car in front of you paid for your meal.’  And I go ‘Why the hell did they do that?’   She goes… ‘They wanted to do something nice…’

So I asked my old lady, I go, ‘Pearl… did you notice who was in front of us?’  She didn’t.  I was thinking… maybe it was somebody we knew.  But the more I thought about it… nobody we know would buy our McDonalds.

And then I remember hearing something.  This is a thing.  This is like paying it forwards… except people are paying it backwards… at the McDonalds.  People just start paying for the food of the people behind them.  It’s crazy.  It starts a chain of good-will and brotherhood.   I heard where some of these pay it backwards chains can last for hundreds of cars… whole days… and Paying it Backwards at McDonalds seems fun.

So I go… ‘Well – maybe I can buy supper for the people behind us.’  And the woman goes… ‘That’s totally up to you sir… you don’t have too.’   And I says, ‘Naw – I had the good fortune of a complete stranger buying my meal.  The least I can do is pay it backwards.’ I says, ‘But do me a favor… look behind my truck.  Is it America’s lovable Duggers family from the show ’38 and Losing Count’?

She goes… ‘ahhh… no – but it does look like four fat people… ‘  Oh…

Wake up, America!!!   That’s right – Earl Pitts paid it backwards last night.  Well – not completely.  But the people behind us… did get five dollars off their supper.  It was their lucky day, too.  I’m Earl Pitts, American – like me on Facebook.  And Pitts Off.

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