Only 7% of Americans trust the US Congress to do a good job

By on June 17, 2014

You know what makes me sick?  You know what makes me so mad I just wanna  chew on tin-foil?

Yeah – did you see where this new Poll they got out there… you know, that’s where they call people and ask their opinion.  Anyway – they got a new poll… and only 7% of Americans trust the US Congress to do a good job.

People – I don’t know if you realize this… but we could vote in a bunch of trained monkeys – and they would do a better job than these back-slapping, crooked idiots. But unfortunately… there is some kind of rule in the Constitution or something… that makes it illegal to vote for a monkey.

Yeah.  You want to repeal a part of the Constitution… I would suggest the monkey amendment.

But here’s what I’m thinking on this… and listen up.  I don’t think this is the fault of them brain-dead, worthless pant-loads we got in Washington.   No sir – I think it’s our own fault.  We’re the ones that keep picking losers to represent us.

Now – think about this.  These people travel all over… shaking hands and making speeches.  They run commercials out the ying-yang.  They get interviewed a million times by every radio and TV station out there.  For three or four months – you can’t turn around without seeing one of these mouth-breathing butt-wads.

You got two people running for something, right.  Between now and November – you’re gonna know more about these two twisted nimrods than you know about your own family.  They’re gonna call you on the phone… shake your hand… invite you to breakfast… take your questions at a town hall meeting.

And after all that… we’re still gonna send a slimy, worthless dummy to Washington.   500 of them!  The law of averages says that ain’t even possible!   But we’re gonna do it.  Again.

Wake up, America!   The problem with throwing all the bums out… we’re just gonna get new bums.  We don’t need better people in Congress.  We need better people running for Congress.  Right now – the best choice – is no choice.  I’m Earl Pitts, American… and Pitts Off.

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