If you know what you wanna do – Just tell us what you want.

By on September 29, 2014
Just tell us what you want

You know what makes me sick?  You know what makes me so mad I just wanna  Three Stooges eye-poke a grizzly bear?  (boink)

Just tell us what you want.

Today – I am declaring war on the wishy-washy…. the undecided… the people that don’t got the guts or the fortitude… just tell us what you want. Just tell us what you want.

You know who I’m talking about, right.  It’s those mealy-mouth, time-wasting butt-wipes… every time you ask them where they wanna go… what they wanna do… they always go, ‘Oh, I don’t care.’ Again, just tell us what you want.

Like, last night… I took my old lady out to eat nice… down to the steak house out by the Interstate.  She says, ‘Earl… every single time you take me out nice… we come here.’  She goes… ‘How come we always got to come here?’

I says – ‘Because… every time I take you out nice – I ask you where you want to go.  And every time you say – ‘I don’t care’.   And I go – ‘Well, I care, Pearl.  And I like steak.’ Just tell us what you want.

Here’s a simple man rule – any time you ask somebody what they want to do… or eat…or where they wanna go – and they tell you they don’t care… here’s what you do.   Do something that will scare the living hell out of them.

Like if your mother-in-law is over… and she says she don’t care what you watch on the TV… try slipping in a couple porn videos.

Or your old lady says she don’t care where you take her to eat?  Take her down to that new Chinese place where they kill the live snake at your table. Just tell us what you want.

Your buddies is all jacked up after bowling… and everybody wants to keep going – but nobody cares where.  I suggest Bingo.

Wake up, America!!!  It’s simple wishy-washy, nitwit loser people.  If you know what you wanna do – just tell us what you want.  And if you really don’t care – shut up and eat your snake.  That’s hard to screw up.  I’m Earl Pitts, American.  Like me on Facebook.  And Pitts Off.

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