Is Colin Kaepernick still in the NFL?

By on September 19, 2016
colin kaepernick

You know what makes me sick?  You know what makes me so mad I just wanna play ‘got your nose’ – with King Kong?

I cannot let another day pass without commenting on Colin Kaepernick and the playing of the national anthem.  That is the number one story got this country wringing out its panties these past couple weeks.

First of all – I don’t know about you – but finding out Colin Kaepernick was still in the NFL came as a complete surprise to me.  It’s kind of like finding out KC and the Sunshine Band are still doing concerts.  While it is a surprising and amusing fact – you still don’t want to witness it in person.

Number two – this whole movement has got me a little confused.  Like I turned on the game last Sunday… and this whole football team was standing in a single line with their arms locked together.   I did not realize that was a show of solidarity.   I thought it was part of the NFL Play 60 campaign… and a salute to Red Rover.

It was an honest mistake.

Number three… let me explain to y’all what an NFL game represents. The NFL to us regular, hard-working Americans… is three and a half hours every Sunday… we get to escape all the political bull-crap.  And avoid the cry-baby whining, and politically-correct stupidity, and the government ineptness, and the mind-numbing  fundamental transformation of our country into a fairyland of wimps, ACLU types and liberal commies.

That’s all we want – three and a half hours a week – of watching 300-pound men hit each other – and dancing.

But I guess that’s gone now, too  – ain’t it?

Wake up, America!   Call me old-fashioned… but I liked it better when taking a knee meant your team was up by seven with 20-seconds to go. But I guess that train has left the station. I’m Earl Pitts, American. Like me on Facebook.  And Pitts Off.

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