If you’re fighting stupid… It’s tough to beat evil

By on September 26, 2014
Fighting Stupid

You know what makes me sick?  You know what makes me so mad I just wanna pinch Joe Biden… to see if he’s dreaming?   Because nobody that dumb can get that high up… in the real world. Fighting stupid. 

Today I want to talk about America.  On account of – the President wants us to fight them crazy-butt, whacked-out ISIS idiots.  And we can’t seem to get past fighting each other. Fighting stupid.

Fighting Stupid

Yeah – I heard this from Bill O’Reilly… and Bill O’Reilly is kind of like the Alfred Einstein of politics.  The boy’s a genius.  And Bill says America is more divided now than it has ever been.

Of course – we have been divided before.  Like back in the Civil War.  Or back in the ‘Tastes Great – Less Filling’ days.   But the fact is – we’re pretty divided.

The way I see it – there are two kinds of people in America today.  First – there’s the right-thinking, hard-working, flag-waving, god-fearing, red-blooded regular American.  Or as I like to call them – my group.  These are the people that suck it up – and get it done.  These are the soldiers and the farmers… the truck drivers and factory workers and waitresses that put in a honest day’s work and thank the good lord every day – they live in the land of the free – and the home of the brave.

And then there’s the other people.  That would be the left-thinking, hardly-working, flag-burning, god-denying, pin-headed Americans.  Or as I like to call them – Whiners, wussies and worry-warts.

These would be your George Clooneys… your Michael Moores, your Dixie Chicks and all those other commie sympathizing pinkos.  These are the mouth-breathing liberals that figure whatever happens – we got it coming.  And they worry what people in Europe will think. Fighting stupid.

Let me tell you something… worrying about what Europe thinks… is a little bit like the Fonz trying to get a thumbs-up from Potsie.   That don’t happen in the real world neither. Fighting stupid.

Wake up, America!!!  Now my question is – how are we gonna defeat Islamic terrorism – when we’re still fighting each other.   It’s tough to beat evil… when you’re still fighting stupid.  Let’s all suck it up – and do this thing.  I’m Earl Pitts, American.  And Pitts Off.

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