Hey Washington… It’s time to pull up your Big Boy Pants

By on November 15, 2013


You know what makes me sick?  You know what makes me so mad I just wanna hold down Lee Greenwood – while Congress sucks the pride out of’im?

Yeah – I heard this new poll they got out there the other day….It said despite our troubles.  Despite our differences.  86% of Americans today are still proud of their country.  But at the same time…about half of us said the four founding fathers…. would be disappointed in our government today.

Disappointed?   Honestly?   Lemme tell you somethin’.  At this point….George W. Washington is spinnin’ in his grave so fast….you could put him on a lathe an’ carve him down to a rockin’ chair spindle.


Photo Credit: wireframe.com

Fact is – if the four foundin’ fathers was alive today….they’d all be on the Maury Povich Show …beggin’ for paternity tests.

I mean – how did we get to this?  How did we get from honest to God giants …visionaries

…pillars among men….who created a country with their bare hands ….an’ the idea of freedom with their bare brains.   How did we get from that — to the back-slappin’, low-life, crap-weasels we got runnin’ things today???

How is that even possible?   That would be like Henry Ford turnin’ over the Ford Motor Company to the Three Stooges.   That would be like Steve Jobs gone – an’ they turn over Apple to Miley Cyrus.   Who in their right mind would let that happen?

Hamilton-burr-duelThe problem is…your Publicans an’ your Democrats a’ today….they hate each other.  They refuse to work with each other.   They’d rather call each other names than get anything done.   I got news for you….the four foundin’ fathers hated each other too.   Hell – Aaron Burr was the vice-president of the United States when he SHOT Alexander Hamilton.    That would be an indication to me – they did not like each other.    But they still worked together creatin’ America.  I mean – up to the point Burr killed him.

Wake up, America.  To all you brain dead idiots in Washington – listen to a regular American.   It’s time to pull up your big-boy pants an’ start workin’ together.  Or pull out the duelin’ pistols.  Cause either way – somethin’s gotta give.  I’m Earl Pitts, American.

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