Why in the hell do we use the military to help people?

By on November 14, 2014
Military Aid

You know what makes me sick?  You know what makes me so mad I just wanna put a dish-towel on my head an’ make a’ obscene gesture to a team a’ Navy SEALS?  Yeah – they’ll be calling me the stain – formerly known as Earl Pitts.

This drives me coo-coo like cocoa pops…  When you see these commercials to join the military now… and they always show our fighting men and women helping some poor, unfortunate victim from some poor third-world hell-hole out of some poor unfortunate circumstance.

Oh yeah – join the Army… and help us air-lift rice to Squatamalastan.  Or join the Navy… and help us rescue natives stuck up to their knees in mud.

Number one – I don’t mind helping the less fortunate.  And number two – being Americans – I realize that makes everybody else – the less fortunate.  But here’s my question – isn’t that what we got the Peace Corps for??

Why in the hell do we use the military to help people? Like right now – the Army’s over there in African fighting Ebola.  I would send the Army over to fight Ebola, too… if Ebola was something they could shoot.  But seeing as Ebola is a disease… why wouldn’t we send – I don’t know – doctors??    I don’t know – maybe we’re saving the doctors to invade Iraq.   I’m having a hard time following this anymore.

Call me old fashioned… but I remember when the US military was admired… and feared.  If you had a US helicopter land in a rice paddy outside of your village – you hit the ground and kissed your rear-end good-bye.   Now you run up to it looking for a hand-out.  That ain’t right – on so many levels.

And just to prove I ain’t a heartless, blood-thirsty bonehead on this one – I’ll even meet you half-way.  I say fine – the US military can run humanity missions to help people around the world – UNLESS they got somebody to kill.

Wake Up, America!!!.   And if you watch cable news… you know we got a lot of people right now- that need to be killed.  Sorry hungry people… your plate won’t be filled – because ours is.  I’m Earl Pitts, American.  Like me on Facebook – and Pitts Off.


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