Happy Labor Day

By on August 31, 2016
happy labor day

You know what makes me sick?  You know what makes me so mad – I just wanna wanna start a three day weekend – with a four-day supply of beer?   Just in case I miscalculate.

Yeah – I’m Earl Pitts, American… and this is how come I like Labor Day.  Sure there is a little sadness attached to the weekend… on account of it reminds us all – summer is ending. Course – once you get to our age you begin to realize – it will be back.

No – the reason I like Labor Day is on account of it celebrates – me!  The American laborer.   Every other holiday on the calendar… we celebrate what somebody else did.  Christmas we celebrate Jesus getting borned.  Thanksgiving – the Pilgrims eating with the Indians.  And Fourth of July… is about America being born.

But this one day – Labor Day… we celebrate what I been doing my whole dang life.  Labor.  Hard labor.    Yeah – you know when a woman hatches out a baby and spends several hours in agonizing pain and discomfort… not sure she can make it – they call that ‘labor’.   Seems appropriate, don’t it?

When some rancher or farmer picks you up on the street corner and you spend a day bent over a crop… til your hands bleed and your back aches… and it takes you a good 20-minutes to stand up straight at the end of the day – they call that ‘day labor’.   Seems appropriate, don’t it?

You might work with your hands… or you might work with your brain.  But the point is – you’re out there working.  You’re laboring.  

And yes – I realize there’s a good 48% of you… setting back with your legs propped up – sucking on the government teat.   But I’m talking about the rest of us.  The ones that fight the alarm clock every morning… and put up with idiot bosses and incompetent co-workers the rest of the day.  With no end in sight except for the age of 65… or sweet death.   This weekend’s for you.

Wake up, America!!  Of course – one day off a year to celebrate the fact we’re gonna break our backs working the rest of our lives – does seem a little light.  But I’ll take it.   I’m Earl Pitts, American.  Enjoy the weekend – Buy my Book… and Pitts Off.

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