Are we arresting’ people for cussin’ out their kids?

By on August 27, 2014

You know what makes me sick? You know what makes me so mad I just wanna Riverdance bare-foot… in a room filled with loose thumb-tacks?

Yeah – I heard this story on here the other day… kind of upset me a little bit. On account of the govermint has took control of our entire lives. Lord, you can’t spit, cough or break wind… that the federal government ain’t there to regulate it… arrest you for it… or tax it.

I mean – govermint got enough trouble running its own business. How come they got to stick their noses in ours?

Here’s the story I’m talking about. There was a woman in South Carolina… took her two small girls with her to the Kroger grocery store. And those two little girls did – what two little girls will do in a grocery store. They drove their mama up the dang stinking wall… that’s what they done. So she lets loose on’em. And I don’t mean in a physical, confrontational type way… She didn’t touch’em. She didn’t haul off and smack’em. She never laid a finger on them girls.

But she did let loose a string of what they call – explet-titive de-litives. She cussed’em out big time. She turned the air blue.

Yeah -and she was arrested. Other shoppers called the police. I’m thinking – well, yeah – they got her for impersonating a Walmart shopper, right? But no – they got her for disorderly conduct… and cussing out her kids.

Ladies and gentlemen… I submit to you – I do now want to live in a country where it is illegal to cuss out your kids. I mean – because if that’s the case… my Mama is lucky today she ain’t on death row. Today they call that ‘verbal abuse’. Back when we was young – that was called ‘raisin’ a kid’.

Now my mama never hit me. My daddy – he actually knocked me out three times. But mama used to keep us in line with what we came to know as… colorful language. My mama had a way with words. Mostly – the bad ones. And look how we turned out.

Wake up, America. I seen that woman on the TV. She said she wasn’t a bad mother – she just lost her temper. And then she told the cameraman to get the (blanking blank) camera out of her (blanking) face. I kind of like this woman. I’m Earl Pitts, American… and Pitts Off.

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