Are people dressing too sloppy for church?

By on May 26, 2014

You know what makes me sick?  You know what makes me so mad I just wanna stock the preacher’s baptism tub with trout… and run a play-lake on weekdays?

Yeah – today we got a serious church issue to discuss.  On account of I seen this story on the Internet computer thing… where this preacher was complaining… people dress too sloppy for church.

Yeah – maybe this is in your church, too.  He says in the old days – people used to get dressed up on Sundays.  Guys would wear suits and ties… at least shirts and ties.  Women would wear dresses.  The kids would all be scrubbed clean.  You could take the skankiest family in the neighborhood… and on Sunday’s… they looked like the royal family.  In fact – in the old days… people actually had something called ‘church clothes’.  And it was the best clothes they owned.

He says – today’s – church is anything goes.  People’s in there in t-shirts and flip-flops…  Some people even go to church in shorts.  Kids in there with their soccer an’ little league uniforms on.   He says there’s something wrong when people can’t get dressed up to spend two hours a week with God.

Now – I have heard this argument two ways.  I have heard that the almighty deserves a little respect.  That preparing for church is a little like preparing for heaven   It don’t hurt to make a good impression for the hereafter… in the right here now.

I have also heard… God don’t care what you look like… as long as you’re there.  That the almighty judges your heart an’ your soul… not your shirt an’ your pants.

I remember I had a’ Uncle die one time… my aunt buried him in a flannel shirt an’ jeans.  My mama went nuts.  She’s telling her sister – you got to send that man to the Lord in a suit and tie.   Show some respect!!   And my aunt says… if Billy went to the Pearly Gates in a suit and a tie… the Lord wouldn’t know who he was…  ‘Apparently the Lord is not good with faces!!

So on this very delicate question – I do not have an answer.  I understand both sides.  But I can tell you one thing – if my old lady dresses me up to bury me… I want her to include a name tag and my wallet.  In case I have to present ID.

Wake up, America.  The Pitts family personally… we get dressed up for church.  Not because we fear God… we fear the wrath of my old lady.  She would smote us in a heartbeat.  I’m Earl Pitts, American… and Pitts Off.

Are we dressing too sloppy for church?

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