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Earl Pitts is a two-minute recorded radio comedy commentary  available on a barter basis.  Featuring the character by Radio Hall of Famer and two-time Marconi winner, Gary Burbank - there are five new topical and funny commentaries each week.   Get a two-week  FREE  trial and listen to a comedy radio legend at work.

Join the growing list of stations that rely on Earl Pitts to bring in the listeners every day - including WDRM-Huntsville, WLW-Cincinnati, WFLA-Tampa, WVLK-Lexington, WMJH-Grand Rapids, WTMA-Charleston SC, KTFW-Ft. Worth  - and many more.

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The Daily Aardvark 


The Daily Ardvark is four pages of topical humor dealing with today's current events...

  • Daily news stories relating to real time current events with at least two punch lines
  • Celebrity and Notables birthday's with a punchline
  • ... and "On This Date in History"
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Check Out What Radio People Are Saying About The Daily Aardvark

"The first thing I do when I roll in each morning is make sure The Daily Aardvark is ready to print.  It's more important than my coffee.'


Mark Justice
Mark Justice KOOL Hits 1057 Huntington WV-Ashland KY

'I have been an Aardvark subscriber for over a decade now.  It is the core of my morning prep, and I build the rest of the show around the Aardvark.  The content is very current and the punch-lines are Tonight Show/SNL quality.  I have used it on Country, AC and now Country again.  The only thing I don't like is when Tim goes on vacation because I really dread going to work without it.'


Mike Blakeney
Mike Blakeney 25-year Morning Show veteran Monroe, LA

I have used the Aardvark since 1999 and hear a lot of great comments about my sense of humor... 'How do you think up all those crazy things?'  I don't tell them how brilliant Tim Mizak is.  Thanks, Tim.  You have kept me funny for a while and I appreciate it.  This is my 50th year in radio and I still enjoy making people laugh.'


 Buddy Poole
Buddy Poole WSAT Memories 1280 Salisbury, NC

'The Daily Aardvark is on point and FUNNY!  Tim Mizak knows how to deliver comedy gold.  And he says some other stuff, but I really can't read your writing, Tim.'

Mike Jeffries
Mike Jeffries WKFM-fm Sandusky, OH